By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: A new national sales manager appointed to head up the national sales team has hit the ground running for Dgtec.

Maurice D’Alessandro will fill the newly created position aimed at increasing the market share for the home entertainment supplier across Australia.

Speaking exclusively to this morning D’Alessandro said he was looking forward to working at Dgtec and being once more involved with products.

“I’m enthusiastic about getting back to my passion for new and innovative products,” said D’Alessandro.

“I’m at Dgtec because I wanted to get back into products rather than service while still remaining in consumer electronics because that’s where my passion is.”

Speaking of the challenges ahead D’Alessandro said he would be working to “increase the market share for Dgtec, to come out with new and innovative products beyond digital set top boxes and TV recorders.”

“To expand the range that we carry and increase distribution with buying groups we don’t [currently] deal with.”

“Also we have a product here called Sonoro, which is a German audio company. The range we carry is a clock radio with inbuilt DAB+ and i-Pod docking. We need to find a distribution for that product as well.”

The newly appointed manager has worked in similar roles with Sharp for 15 years, prior to more recent stints with Philips and Flexigroup.