By Matthew Henry in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS: Panasonic today unveiled a 150-inch Viera plasma during its opening keynote address at CES, Las Vegas, toppling Sharp as the maker of the world’s largest screen.

Introduced by Panasonic’s AVC networks company president , Toshihiro Sakamoto, as a ‘massive surprise’, the 150-inch screen is 11 feet wide and equivalent in size to nine 50 inch plasma screens.

Although rumours of the screen’s introduction have been flooding the web in recent weeks, today was the first time it was publicly demonstrated.

With 2000 by 4000 pixels, it packs in four times the resolution of Panasonic’s current full HD plasmas and has been dubbed the ‘Life Screen’.

“We believe this gives new meaning to the words, ‘reality TV’,” said Sakamoto.

Panasonic’s reveal followed Sony’s ‘4K’ television launch yesterday Australian time.   

Panasonic also said its 103-inch plasma has been a commercial success since launch a year ago with over 3,000 units sold to date.

“This [150-inch] Viera is designed specifically for digital cinema and commercial installations, but I am sure it will find its way into some very special, luxury homes. Can you imagine siting at home and watching the Olympics on this baby?” said Sakamoto.

The prototype plasma TV unveiled today will become commercially available when Panasonic’s fifth plasma manufacuring facility goes online.

The new five-million square feet factory will be Panasonic’s largest and most efficient plasma plant to date and will also produce the company’s other plasma breakthrough – a plasma panel less than one-inch thick.

The 150-inch Viera sees Panasonic reclaim the title for the world’s largest TV after Sharp Corporation released a 108-inch LCD last year, nudging out its 103-inch plasma.