Just like the rest of the world, COVID has shaken up even the Laundry Industry!

Motels, Backpackers, Caravan Parks, and Student Accommodation facilities have always loved their Coin-operated washing machines and dryers, because after all, what was better than a pocket full of gold coins?

2020 and the fear of spreading COVID dramatically changed the way we all handled money, with notes and coins no longer accepted in many stores, everybody’s wallets and pockets were suddenly empty with “Tap-n-Go” payments being the safest way to pay.

Laundry may be one of the oldest and most dreaded chores, but COVID and vandalism has forced suppliers of Commercial and Industrial laundry equipment to be dragged into the 21st Century.

Maytag Commercial Laundry Equipment has partnered with Australia’s Premier unattended card payments company to provide Card Readers with custom cables and mounting plates to upgrade Coin-operated washing machines and dryers to Credit/Debit card operated machines, because we’ve all got cards in our pockets these days.

Real-time online reporting comes as standard when you set Maytag Commercial Washing Machines and Dryers up as Card Only, giving complete confidence that every last dollar that passes through the laundry equipment will end up in the bank, something you can never be sure of if you are not on site counting the coins yourself.

Company Name: Dependable Laundry Solutions
Company Phone Number: 1800 MAYTAG (1800 629 824)

Web Address: www.DependableLaundry.com.au