NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe has warned the public not to deal with United Appliance (Australia) Pty Ltd an online store trading through the website www.unitedappliance.com.au. It has attracted more than 67 complaints from June 2014 to August 2015.

united appliance

According to the company’s website, United Appliance (Australia) Pty Ltd attends service calls in consumer’s homes for the repair of general house hold appliances such as stoves, fridges and washing machines.

The company accepts full payments for the service calls and all replacement parts ‘upfront’ from consumers by credit card or bank debit cards. Fair Trading has received complaints that the company’s representative leaves the consumer’s premises and fails to return to complete the work or returns and leaves again with the work still incomplete.

Consumers having made their initial payment have difficulties contacting the company to have the work completed or seek a refund. The majority of complaints show services ordered via the website are not supplied within a reasonable time.

Efforts to resolve consumer complaints and ensure compliance have not been successful.

Fair Trading is also concerned future consumers of United Appliance (Australia) Pty Ltd’s business services may experience the same non-supply of goods and refund difficulties resulting in financial loss.

Stowe said this conduct has resulted in detriment to NSW consumers and the issue of a public warning in the public interest is being made under section 86A of the Fair Trading Act 1987.

Consumers who have had dealings with United Appliance (Australia) Pty Ltd or www.unitedappliance.com.au and are unable to resolve their dispute should contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20 or lodge a complaint at www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au.