Exceptional service increases revenue opportunities.

Customers are happiest on Wednesdays and Fridays but spend more on Sundays than any other week day. These were among the key customer satisfaction drivers from the latest Retail Consumer Insights Infographic from TruRating. It claims to be the only multichannel feedback solution that allows retailers to collect real-time insights that connect their customers’ spend to their experience.  The TruRating point-of-sale customer feedback system gives customers ‘a say when they pay.’

“It’s an innovative way for customers to tell the retailer what they want. With just one button press on the eftpos machine or after online checkout, customers can rate the business honestly and anonymously. With a high participation rate of 88%, retailers can get a faster, smarter consumer insight that enables them to make better business decisions,” APAC TruRating head, Sophie Jillings told AR.

Because customers spend 14% more on Sundays, this presents a perfect time to exceed their expectations and give them more from their leisurely Sunday shop. Overall, happier customers spend 16% more, and TruRating can tell the retailer where and how they need to improve to achieve this growth every day. It can also monitor locations for service, product, value and experience.

Other drivers and their associated revenue opportunities included:

  • An 18% revenue opportunity when product range relevancy is optimised
  • A 35% revenue opportunity when customer service exceeds expectations
  • And a 34% revenue opportunity from customers who would say they would recommend you