Due to fault in blade.

The riveted blades on six Cuisinart food processors have been recalled for models that were sold through gourmet and speciality stores nationally, as well as department stores and various websites, between January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2013. The riveted blade can crack over time and small metal pieces of the blade can break of during use. If this occurs, metal blade may be present in the processed food, posing a laceration hazard.

The model numbers include: DFP-14BCNA, DLC-2011BCNA, DLC, 2011NA, DLC-2014BCNA, DLC-2014NA, MP-14NA.

The model number is located on the bottom of the food processor and only models with four rivets in the blades are included in this recall.

Consumers should immediately stop using the food processor’s riveted blades and contact Cuisinart Australia on 1800 808 971 for a free replacement blade.

Conair provided the following statement to Appliance Retailer in relation to the recall:

“We have initiated the recall for Australia and NZ (NZ recall will be live from January 30, 2017), following the recall made by Cuisinart in America. The recall in Australia and NZ is only for a very limited amount of food processors sold until 2011 by our distributor Sheldon and Hammond and hence does not concern any recent models.

“While Conair in America has received 69 reports of consumers finding broken piece of the blade in processed food, we have not received any complaints regarding this issue in Australia and NZ, due to the limited amount sold in these countries (3,500pcs for all models versus 8 million in America).”