By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Sony Australia will officially launch its pre-Christmas campaign tomorrow at a media event in Sydney. It might only be September, but competition for the important Christmas gift dollar is set to be very intense in 2009.

Unlike previous Sony press conferences, which traditionally focus on a single technology or product release, tomorrow’s event will encompass the entire Christmas line-up across the Sony Australia, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Ericsson platforms.

On show will be Bravia LCD panels, the latest Blu-ray players, VAIO notebooks and mini-notebooks, micro and surround sound systems, Cybershot, Alpha and Handycam cameras, PlayStations 3 and Portable and mobile phone handsets.

Also on show tomorrow will be all the Sony product managers associated with these, and other, products. will be reporting live from the event, so if you have a question for one of the Sony Australia heavyweights, send us an email, and we’ll ask Sony on your behalf.