By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: When portable listening devices first came out in late 1970s, users were forced to experience their music through some of the most unfashionable relics of design. The original model headphones, with their fuzzy fur ear buds and thin metallic bands were eventually superseded by earphones, with Apple’s white ‘ear buds’ now the epitome of cool.

Along the way, a number of the high-end suppliers reinvented the headphone style, with Bose and Sennheiser now offering consumers some particularly funky models. And now a third form factor has emerged: headphones in a headband.

Called Halo Headphones, these music players transmit audio straight to the ear from within a headband – similar to those worn by sportspeople and runners to protect their faces from sweat. The material is made from a lightweight, washable and breathable material called Supplex. According to the supplier, NAST International, these headphones are one-size-fits-all.

The Halo Headphones are currently being sold through Myer, Comp Now and various fitness stores. There is only one model available, the Halo Headphones Original, which is RRP $49.