By Patrick Avenell

Buerer has won eight awards at the 2008 Plus X Awards in Cologne. The awards recognise achievement in four categories, with Buerer succeeding in three of these categories with eight of their products.

Winning products include the GS 27, GS 36, GS 44 and the BF 66, which are all body mass scales. These four products won in the Design Award category.

Winning in the Ease of Use category were the BG 42 (a body fat scale), the FT 55 (an ear thermometer) and the BGL 40 (a blood sugar and blood pressure measuring device).

The final winner was the DS 81, a diet scale, which triumphed in the Innovation and Ease of Use categories.

Buerer products are distributed in Australia by FitZone Solutions. Speaking about the accolades was FitZone Solutions director Maria Russo.

“We are delighted with the awards extended to Buerer and to have such a high quality and high design range of products to bring to the Australian customer,” said Russo.