Coffee in all its exciting variations is growing in popularity like few other drinks – and not just here in Switzerland. It takes us through the day, makes the perfect end to a meal, and is the ideal drink for a cosy gathering of friends. Coffee has become part of a certain lifestyle, an expression of good taste. In addition to classic favourites like café crème, espresso and ristretto, a growing number of coffee lovers are discovering fashionable specialities with milk and milk foam, such as cappuccino and latte macchiato. And to enable people to enjoy their favourite beverage at home, even with limited space, JURA has developed the world's smallest automatic speciality coffee machine. Capable of preparing the full repertoire of speciality drinks at the touch of a button, it also features modern fine foam technology to finish each cup with a layer of fine milk foam. These qualities make the ENA Micro 9 the ideal choice for people buying their first automatic coffee machine, or looking to upgrade to a new model.


Efficient and sustainable
Like all JURA machines, the new compact model uses fresh beans to prepare the most delicious coffee. This not only avoids waste, but also allows users to select the beans of their choice each time. JURA has always believed in the importance of environmental responsibility, which is why the new model features an energy-saving mode and Zero-Energy Switch. The ENA Micro 9 not only satisfies the requirements of energy class A but actually exceeds the European energy efficiency standards due to come into force in 2013.
Cutting-edge technology
At 32 cm high, the ENA Micro 9 is an amazing 11% smaller than the ENA line, JURA's established compact series. And at a modest 23 cm wide, the front of the machine is only slightly larger than a sheet of A4 paper. The secret behind this feat of miniaturisation is the new, variable Micro brewing unit, which is specially designed to prepare a single cup. It extracts the best from every blend and roast for maximum flavour. JURA's new compact
model also features easy-to-use preparation buttons, a height-adjustable coffee spout (55 mm – 138 mm) and a user-friendly display. As well as being easy to use, the machine is easy to care for, with a maintenance programme that runs at the touch of a button and TÜV- certified hygiene guarantee.
Eye-catching design
The simple, elegant forms reflect JURA's unique and timeless style. The shape is set off by the trendy micro silver colour, transforming the ENA Micro 9 into an interior design object that is sure to be a talking point in every home.
The ENA Micro 9 One Touch is available now from JURA dealers, priced at just $1,350.00.