By Patrick Avenell

Only Retravision Southern stores with a record of paying in full and on time to the head office have been allowed to apply for migration to Retravision WA or Northern, internal documents reveal.

After Retravision Southern, which represents Victorian, Tasmanian and southern New South Wales members, was placed in voluntary administration earlier this week, Retravision WA CEO Paul Holt launched a migration program to transition these stores over to a new group.

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Holt made it clear in a letter to shareholders that he was only inviting up-to-date Southern members to apply.

“I’m pleased to advise that we have completed and sent the Dealer Migration Packs to all of the Retravision Southern dealers that had registered,” Holt wrote. “This only applies to the stores that were paying their accounts in full and on-time with Retravision Southern and we are continuing to get more registrations to the [dedicated] email address. 

“We have already started receiving applications back from the Retravision Southern dealers and we will be working as quickly as possible to process and agree secured temporary credit limits under interim supply agreements for the approved Retravision Southern Dealers.

“Please note that we have apologised in advance to those stores that are not current with Retravision Southern and advised that we will not be able to accept an applications from them.”