By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Epson has announced that it will continue to support the Australian Institute of Photography (AIPP) and sponsor each state for the Epson Professional Photographer of the Year Awards for a further three years.

Epson has sponsored the state awards for the past three years, and is committed to promoting excellence in Australian photography. Epson also supports professional photographers with professional imaging products like the recently launched Stylus Pro 880 large format printers and UltraChrome K3 ink.

“Epson’s strength is high quality reproduction of photographs, fine art and graphic designs, so it is natural for Epson to support the AIPP and recognise great Australian photographers,” said Epson’s business manager Pro Graphics, Craig Heckenberg.

AIPP chairman Mr Phil Kuruvita said the AIPP is delighted that Epson will continue to sponsor the AIPP State awards marking the first time such an overall structured format has been used in the state awards.

“Now that Epson has committed to sponsoring the awards for the next three years it gives the atate divisions peace of mind and a chance to host bigger events each year,” said Kuruvita.

Along with the Epson Photographer of the Year Award, the awards recognise photographers in commercial, landscape, portrait and illustrative photography.