By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Hagemeyer Brands Australia have announced a change of CEO, with Michael Touma leaving the company, replaced by Mark Bilton.

In a letter to employees received by, ACE vice president Marie-Pierre Marchand said that Touma had left to “pursue other opportunities”. In the letter, which is dated 1 September 2009, Marchand thanks Touma for his service and wishes him well for the future.

The new CEO is Mark Bilton, who will report directly to Marchand in his new role. According to the letter, Bilton is 46 years old, and holds a Bachelor of Science, a post-grad diploma in Business and an MBA from the University of Auckland.

“Mark has spent 13 years in general management roles including managing director of POD Limited in New Zealand, and most recently, as group managing director of The Charles Parsons Group in Australia,” wrote Marchand to Hagemeyer employees.

Bilton started in his new role last Tuesday.