By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Four days before placing his now infamous half-page advertisement in Sydney’s The Sun Herald for super cheap Samsung 3D TVs, Nick Ballantine walked out on his job as a used car salesman at Edward Lee’s Japanese Auto Centre in Concord.

Ballantine had already come up with the plan to advertise the sale of cheap, almost impossibly cheap, 3D TVs whilst working at Edward Lee’s, with other staff of the well known and established car dealer aware of his plans. believes that Edward Lee’s Japanese Auto Centre is in no way linked to this 3D TV operation.

Last Tuesday (19 October 2010), Ballantine declared that he had had enough of the used car game and left the company. understands that he was not a popular employee with the other staff.

Now, Ballantine is on the run. He is no longer answering either of his mobile phone numbers and he has told he is in China. The listed business address for 3DcheapTV is primarily a residential property, with the Australian Olympic Committee the only known business or organisation operating out of the complex.