New Generative AI applications such as Open AI’s ChatGPT, are capturing attention as Australians rapidly adopt the technology, according to new research from analyst firm, Telsyte.

One in five Australians aged 16 and older were already aware of ChatGPT and one million were already using it, just a month and a half since its release.

The survey also found that one in three respondents (34%) are interested in using Generative AI chatbots like ChatGPT for various tasks such as language translation (44%), brainstorming ideas (34%), summarising long documents (33%), and helping with research (27%). The intention rate rises to 49% among those aged 18 to 34. Also, 33% of the Australian workforce are interested in the technology and intend to use it for work.

However, there are some challenges and risks. Nearly half (49%) of the survey respondents anticipate significant changes to the workforce and job requirements in the future due to the growing prevalence of AI-based machines and software. Only 29% of the current workforce is willing to train machines or software to take over part of their own work, as well as part of someone else’s work.

And the workplace might look very different in a decade, with 35% of workers expecting machines, AI, or robots could perform their roles in the future. Of those who think machines could do their roles, 42% think part of their roles will be replaced in five years, while 71% think this will happen within 10 years.

Future jobs likely to be affected include customer services (58%), IT services (49%) accounting services (40%), tourism (39%) and graphic design (36%).

“The Australian workforce wants to reduce the workload, but are wary AI might replace them”, Telsyte managing director Foad Fadaghi said. “Generative AI has the potential to transform many industries and sectors, but it also poses some ethical and social implications that need to be carefully considered and addressed.”

As generative AI models and APIs become more accessible and versatile, paid AI assistance services like ChatGPT Plus will emerge in 2023.

The survey revealed that 9% per cent of Australians would pay for AI assistance subscriptions to assist them with their daily tasks and queries, especially those aged 25 to 34 and working in professional (16%) and education (16%) sectors. On average, those who would pay for AI subscriptions are willing to spend around under $10 a month. However, 37% of respondents would pay over $10 a month, suggesting a potential market for prosumer applications.