By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Dyson has released an attachment to target the root of household pet hair problems – a tool for vacuuming the dog itself.

The Dyson Groom tool (RRP $89) attaches itself to the vacuum cleaners hose and has stiff steel bristles with which to brush dogs with and suck up hair before it falls on furniture and carpets.

According to Dyson, of the 63 per cent of Australian households with pets over 40 per cent have a dog, and dog hair is an issue in terms of mess and allergies.

“A moulting dog isn’t man’s best friend. Some conventional grooming tools create a fur cloud and more cleaning. We’ve engineered the Dyson Groom tool to hygienically remove loose fur, without the mess,” said James Dyson.

The dog device is suitable for medium or long-haired dogs and it fits the hose of most Dyson vacuum cleaners.  Whilst grooming the dog the length of the bristles can be adjusted according to the length of hair.

The attachment is currently only available from the Dyson website.