Samsung Electronics has won a preliminary decision in its bid to stop the import of LCD devices by rival Sharp, into the US market.

Sharp apparently infringes two of Samsungs patents, and Samsung have therefore tried to ban the entry of Sharp LCD devices into the US market, which accounts for approximately half of Sharp’s overall overseas sales.

An administrative law judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled a preliminary hearing in the favour of Samsung, but the final decision won’t be final until approximately April. Up until then, Sharp are still allowed to partake in import and sales activities in the US.

Sharp have also made a complaint to the US commission in relation to Samsung breaching their own patents, but no decision has been made on this as of yet.

This dispute highlights the fierce competition that is prevalent between Samsung and Sharp, who are currently 1st and 3rd in world LCD sales respectively; Sony is currently in between at 2nd position.

In an economic time when every sale counts, both Samsung and Sharp are trying relentlessly to push each other out of the competitive US market.