By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Taiwanese electronics company Teco have released two new LCD flat panel televisions with the focus squarely on low pricing. Firmly in their sights are the big players in Australian LCD market, with the brand even identifying the opponents they plan on undercutting.

“LCDs have traditionally been pricier than plasmas. Samsung and LG have started to change this…and our LCDs are actually better priced then theirs,” said Teco business development manager (AV) Felicity Wick.

The pricing of these models is competitive, with the new 32-inch model to cost RRP $749 and the 42-inch model priced at RRP $1,499. The 32-inch model is basic high definition (1080i), while the 42-inch model is full HD (1080p).

Compared to their premium competitors, there is a significant price break, although you don’t receive any of the extra features. For example, a Samsung 40-inch full HD LCD has an RRP of $2,529 (model LA40M81BDX), which is approximately 40 per cent more expensive.

In addition to their low pricing, Teco are stressing green concerns with these models, claiming many environmental advantages of choosing the LCD format.

“A major advantage that LCDs have over plasmas is the amount of electricity they need to run them,” said Wick.

Teco are not especially well known in the Australian TV market, therefore Wick was eager to stress the reliability of the brand.

“Consumers can trust the Teco brand…We test all our products from the position of design right through to mass production,” said Wick.