LG has developed a new Styler clothing care solution with improved drying, dehumidification and de-wrinkling performance.

A first for the LG Styler, the new model features a handheld high-pressure steamer, making it easier to remove wrinkles from shirts and other garments. Users can hang wrinkled clothes inside the door, take out the steamer attached to the bottom of the Styler, and steam at the press of a button.

Incorporating the exclusive Dynamic Moving Hanger system, LG Styler can care for various types of garments and fabrics.Unlike its predecessor – the Moving Hanger, which simply moved side-to-side for dust removal – the new hanger system utilises a twisting motion for enhanced dust removal, deodorisation, drying and de-wrinkling. The new Fine Dust cycle twists clothing items up to 350 times per minute to remove both large and fine dust particles.

LG Dual TrueSteam technology employs two heaters to boil water and generate steam for more precise control of spray volume and strength. It is utilised during the specialised Sanitary cycle, which eliminates over 99.9% of 11 viruses. The cycle for delicate fabrics, such as silk and cashmere, uses only one of the two heaters for more gentle fabric care. An intuitive LCD touchscreen makes cycle selection quick and easy.

A built-in ventilation system automatically circulates air throughout the room and offers a dehumidification function that can collect up to 10 litres of moisture without opening the door of the Styler. The new Styler also features a Pants Press adopting an upgraded hanging structure for sharper wrinkle-free creases.