ECOVACS has unveiled its latest range of robots designed for whole-home cleaning at CES 2024, including the DEEBOT X2 COMBO vacuum, the first Matter-ready DEEBOT with upgraded hands-free capabilities, the W2 OMNI window cleaner, which claims to be the most portable robotic window cleaner on the market with an all-in-one station, and the GOAT GX-600 lawn mower.

“Our dedication to reshaping the smart home cleaning experience extends far beyond technological innovation. It transcends the mundane realm of manual chores, aiming to foster a sense of relaxation for homeowners, and affording them the luxury of time to engage in what they love most,” ECOVACS Group vice chairman and ECOVACS ROBOTICS CEO, David Qian said.


ECOVACS identified an opportunity to introduce its first whole-home vacuum system given handheld stick vacuums collectively represent one-third of the overall floor cleaning market as the most purchased vacuum among consumers.

A new iteration of the X2 OMNI, the DEEBOT X2 COMBO adds a handheld vacuum to the robot vacuum, mop and auto-empty station with Matter certification. It will be available in two variations – DEEBOT and Handheld, and DEEBOT and Handheld with stick attachment.

The X2 OMNI’s design shift to a square profile achieves unparalleled edge-to-edge cleaning precision, covering 99.8% more ground surface in a single job than standard robot vacuum cleaners. With the addition of the handheld attachment featuring crevice, multi-surface, and upholstery tools, the X2 COMBO enables whole house cleaning.

Boasting 8,000Pa suction power across the DEEBOT and stick vacuum attachment, the X2 COMBO can capture stubborn dirt and debris, as well as scrub away stains with the pressurised OZMO Turbo 2.0 mopping system and transition from hard to soft floors without the need for intervention thanks to high mop lifting capabilities.

The X2 COMBO incorporates X2 OMNI’s navigation and smart home features, including an industry-first embedded navigation system, True Detect 3D 2.0 for precision obstacle avoidance, YIKO 2.0 voice control system and other smart home capabilities.

The X2 COMBO features a dual dust collection all-in-one base station for charging, emptying, refilling, and more. In addition to the advanced mop cleaning system, the new station features DEEBOT and handheld bi-directional dust collection and hands-free maintenance.


Following the launch of its first robotic window cleaner, WINBOT X in 2018, ECOVACS has debuted the latest generation of WINBOT – W2 OMNI.

The window cleaning robot utilises an intelligent navigation system, WIN-SLAM 3.0, to ensure consistent edge-to-edge cleaning and allow seamless movement around obstacles. An exclusive three-nozzle wide-angle spray technology dissolves dirt and covers windows without drips. Its steady climbing system features three-point anti-slip, anti-dust driving treads and intelligent gravity compensation to maintain steady on windows, supported by a 10-tier protection system.

W2 OMNI can adapt to various cleaning situations with four new cleaning modes: Fast, Deep, Spot, and Custom. While Fast mode is perfect for everyday cleaning, the Deep Mode incorporates edge-cleaning, Spot Mode tackles stubborn areas, and Custom Mode lets the user decide where WINBOT should clean.

The suitcase-style multi-functional station is equipped with drop protection mechanisms, a built-in battery for unplugged indoor or outdoor use, a composite rope and automatic wire winding. Its optimised air duct design features four staggered partitions and reduced airflow speed for quieter performance.


The GOAT GX-600 delivers a fully automated lawn mowing system that requires no boundary set-up or physical boundary settings and uses intelligence from DEEBOT, such as obstacle avoidance and navigation.

GOAT GX-600 is the first robot lawn mower with combined Vision and SmartMove technology, automatically recognising natural lawn boundaries by identifying grass and non-grass areas, then mowing in the most efficient way via SmartMove self-developed path planning technology.

While most robot lawn mowers use random algorithms to cover the lawn in one week, for a 600 square metrelawn, GX-600 can mow efficiently in just two days with the help of ECOVACS AIVI 3D obstacle avoidance technology.

The GOAT GX-600 comes with an outdoor charging station that serves as its homebase.

Australian availability for these products is yet to be confirmed.