VideoWindow lives up to its name – it can switch from a window to a screen to display information, and then return to its original transparent state as a window. Tech Guide looked at VideoWindow during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The adjustable monochrome liquid crystal display modules of the display use the sun as a backlight to transform the window into an ultra-efficient transparent screen.

According to the creators of VideoWindow – a Dutch start-up – it has already been deployed in public spaces like airports, hospitals, transport hubs and museums.

It’s an ideal way of displaying information like flight times, bus and train schedules or information about a museum or art gallery display.

VideoWindow being demonstrated at CES. Photo credit: Stephen Fenech.

This new media platform can be used to provide both information and entertainment. It also has the potential to change the way advertisements are displayed.

VideoWindow is also about saving space with a product that can be two things – a window when you want it and display when you need it.

It makes use of natural light and can improve an indoor environment while reducing the carbon footprint of a building and saving on energy.

Each module is equipped with a light sensor that can take exterior luminescence and temperature and display content while controlling glare.

The company behind VideoWindow, which is a monochrome display, says the technology is just a few short years away that will enable video window to be a colour panel.

This article was written in collaboration with Tech Guide’s Stephen Fenech who travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense.