Arlo has unveiled the all-new Arlo Security System at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – a home security solution that can be configured for a range of security purposes and works with Arlo’s security cameras and Arlo app.

The first-of-its-kind all-in-one system includes a multi-sensor which has up to eight sensing functions and includes an integrated keypad. The multi-sensor can recognise motion, when doors and windows are opened or tilted, water leaks, changes to light and temperature, as well as T3 and T4 smoke and carbon monoxide alarm patterns.

The Arlo multi-sensors are compact in size at just 2.8cm wide and can be placed anywhere without hardwiring. The modular hub acts as a central control panel and has built-in features including a siren, motion and smoke alarm sensors and backlit keypad.

The Arlo security system also includes NFC (near field communication) technology to arm or disarm the system with a smartphone.

“We engineered the Arlo Security System to not only complete Arlo’s ecosystem but to address pain points common with other solutions on the market,” Arlo senior vice president of product, Tim Johnston said.  

“The system’s standout all-in-one multi-sensor simplifies life for consumers with its versatility, ensuring they can enlist one intelligent sensor to tackle a variety of use cases.

“Additionally, the system seamlessly works with existing Arlo security camera devices in a user’s household to layer on important information for complete, whole-home peace of mind – a benefit not available with competitive offerings.”

The Arlo Security System was recognised with a 2022 CES innovation award, which Arlo has now won for four consecutive years.

The Arlo Home Security hub and multi-sensors will be available in Australia in the coming months.

This article was written in collaboration with Tech Guide’s Stephen Fenech who travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense.