Fresh approach to this year’s Show.

At this year’s CES, Samsung has taken on a new approach to its booth. Rather than presenting a whole suite of product, the booth is focused on lifestyle environments to demonstrate how smart products can come to life in the home and make everyday life more seamless.

Samsung Electronics Australia director of home appliances, Jeremy Senior has affirmed that all of the company’s products have the ability to use voice control via Bixby. The artificial intelligence system is currently available in the second generation Family Hub refrigerator but will be further enhanced in the third generation model. We can also expect more products to integrate Bixby in the future.

Furthermore, when Samsung launches its QuickDrive washing machine, which made its debut at IFA 2017, it will be supported by the Q-rator app that allows consumers to choose the load type and load weight and the app will automatically provide the optimal wash cycle.

“Australian consumers are early adopters of technology. Samsung has a large number of connected devices in the market already and there is a huge opportunity for consumers to bring those together to maximise the benefits.

“The challenge for manufacturers and retailers alike is to find the relevant usage occasions and that will differ for all consumers. Therefore, we need to create an environment where consumers can explore and understand it,” Senior said.