Two washers and two dryers in one system.

First it was the AddWash front load washing machine (launched to the local market in June 2016) that allows users to add clothes to the cycle after commencement by using a pause button and a unique hatch at the front of the machine. But at CES, Samsung showcased its latest laundry innovation – the FlexWash + FlexDry laundry system.

This laundry pair was designed to offer two washers and two dryers in one system. Samsung Australia has confirmed that it is exploring ways it can deliver the FlexWash laundry system to the local market.

Samsung Flex Wash Flex Dry small

Samsung Australia director of home appliances, Jeremy Senior said, “The FlexWash laundry system presents an exciting proposition for the market as it could provide a completely new way for Australians to do the laundry, and give people the ability to tailor their laundry appliance to meet multiple needs at once.

“Our research shows that 85% of Australians sort their washing and usually separate by colours and types of materials. With the laundry system you will be able simultaneously wash small delicate loads in the top compartment, in addition larger loads in the main drum, which is also an on board condenser dryer.

“We also know that half of young Aussies, aged 18 to 24, have at least one item damaged in the washing machine in the last year. The FlexWash laundry system is designed to provide greater options for cleaning with a separate compartment specifically designed for delicate items.”

The FlexWash front-loader is the largest in its class, equipped with five cubic feet of capacity to handle normal or bulky loads. Meanwhile, the FlexWash top-loader adds another cubic foot of capacity and is built to wash smaller loads separately from the main load. Users can operate both washers at the same time with different settings.

To dry fabrics, FlexDry can tackle large laundry loads with the added flexibility to dry a few delicate items at the same time. Users can lay clothes flat in the unique Delicate Rack zone at the top of the dryer and gently dry delicates with a controlled, heated air flow. The main dryer compartment also uses Samsung’s MultiSteam technology to freshen and disinfect clothes while reducing odours and wrinkles.

FlexWash + FlexDry are IoT-enabled, backed by smart features that will allow users to control the machines with their smartphone, using the Samsung Smart Home app. They will be able to start, stop, and monitor every cycle for both machines.