By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: People all over the world know what the LG initials stand for but most people would not know LG’s Australian connection, which is also the reason why LG’s senior Korean executives will always have a positive link to the Australian market.

LG Electronics was once called Lucky Goldstar, hence the initials LG. But what many people in the world may not know is that the company’s current slogan ‘Life’s Good’ was developed right here in Australia.

“Australia is especially meaningful for our brand marketing because our LG slogan used to be ‘Digitally Yours’ before but it has changed to Life’s Good,” said LG Electronics Asia Director, Home Appliance & Airconditioning, Mr Chang Hee Han.

“The Life’s Good slogan was first developed by the Australian branch of LG for their marketing creative and that had a very good response so it spread to out global market.”

In fact Mathew Han, currently the LG Electronics senior general manager C&C Sales Management Team, was working for LG Australia at the time the slogan was developed and he was part of the team that developed it.

“When I was there in 1999, our team sat together and came up with all the words we could think of for L and G and put the combinations together and we used that slogan for the Australian market first,” Mr Mathew Han recalled.