By Chris Nicholls

MELBOURNE: Salton Australia has contacted to correct what it claimed were inaccuracies in yesterday’s story, saying former general manager, Milton Dickins, retired to “pursue other interests”.

Dickins, who launched the company in 1999 to capitalise on the success on the George Foreman range of health grills and the high end Russell Hobbs household appliances, said he was “very proud” of his time at Salton Australia. 

“I have been honoured to be a part of its activities for virtually nine years. I deeply value the relationships I have developed within the company and the household appliance industry over the years and would like to express my appreciation to those who have worked with me. I believe that I am leaving Salton Australia well positioned to continue its tradition of providing high quality innovative products to customers and consumers,” he said. 

US parent company Salton, Inc. president and chief executive, Terry Polistina, said he wanted to thank Dickins for his contribution to Salton’s local arm. 

“We would like to thank Milton for his significant contribution to our Australian business. Milton’s dedication, support and intuitiveness of the market will be missed. He is retiring from our operation on the best of terms and we wish him all the best in his future.”

Polistina said new general manager Chris Dickins would continue to “offer leadership and growth within the business.”

Chris Dickins joined Salton Australia in 2002 and was previously national product manager. He also held a number of other positions, including state sales and national account manager. Prior to his positions at Salton, Dickins worked at EWT Heating and Hagemeyer.

“A valued employee of Salton for six years, Chris’ understanding, product knowledge, and industry experience will continue to offer leadership and growth within the business,” said Polistina.

“He has been a leader in multiple managerial roles at Salton, actively participating in strategic planning and business operations. Chris and his team have ensured that Salton’s products will continue to evolve to meet customers’ and consumers’ changing needs. Chris’ qualifications are impeccable and we are confident in Salton Australia’s future success under his leadership.”

Chris Dickins said he took over the business with “the greatest sense of pride”.

“I look forward to continuing the work we began together in elevating the standards of quality and innovation for Salton’s products. The company’s illustrious brand names, innovative and high-quality products and strong relationships with consumers and retail partners will remain a top focus.”

Dickins said the company would roll out a new range of Russell Hobbs Silhouette products later this year, to partner with its current Abbey Lane range currently being advertised. 

“Silhouette is a range progression with the extended use of glass – the range will offer practical features and a design that shifts into monochromatic interiors” said Chris Dickins.

A full copy of the press release will be available in the next 24 hours on Salton Australia’s site.