By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE: TEAC has announced the release of two super-cheap DVD players, the DV3131 and the DV221. TEAC is persisting with DVD technology, which has been successful for them, despite the increasing shift toward new technologies.

The DV3131 is 360 millimetres in length, with a silver finish and black face. Video playback includes MP4, while image playback is compatible with Kodak Picture CD and JPEG. Music playback is through CD. The DV3131 is RRP $79.

The DV221 is 220 millimetres in length, making it TEAC’s smallest DVD player. Its playback compatibility is the same is the 3131. Features of both models include LED display, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, language options and a remote control. The DV221 is $69.

The launch of new super-cheap DVD players, which are often used a loss-leaders in retail catalogues, is interesting as it runs counter to the growing acceptance of Blu-ray Disc. Recently, Sony flooded the market with Blu-ray players through its PlayStation 3 giveaway, and rivals Panasonic and LG are also promoting Blu-ray technology.

TEAC has had success in the past with its compact and portable DVD players. These units are targeted at travellers and parents wanting quiet road trips, and are well suited for its niche. These models, however, are targeted for use in the home. TEAC has performed strongly since its relaunch, success in the home equal to the car is paramount to this continuing.