By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: LG Electronics is focused on building a premium brand image and it wants the world to know it. Koreans don’t do things by halves and when they set a target, it is more of a guarantee than a goal. So how does LG propose to achieve its global brand ambitions?

A key to LG’s global brand positioning strategy is incorporating local consumer feedback into product development, and all of LG’s senior executives are focused on this.

“The drive behind our success is our top priority on our products, which is customer centered,” said LG Electronics Asia Director, Home Appliance & Airconditioning, Mr Chang Hee Han.

“Through consumer surveys we put local consumer insight into our products … and that has greatly contributed maintaining market leadership and a premium brand image.”

Vice President, LG electronics Cooking & Cleaning Sales Management Team, Steve Song, said there are three key components to the strategy in the Australian market.

“As a company LG has paid keen attention to consumer needs in the Australian market, and we have focused on trying to educate retailers about our product,” Mr Song said.

“We have also focused on the design and function aspects of our products and we always strive to deliver the best features and benefits to our customers.

“And for Australian consumers, their kitchen style is built-in and while some of our products are stand alone, we have designed them in such a way that they fit into the overall built-in atmosphere of the Australian kitchen.”