By James Wells

SYDNEY: Samsung has announced a global simultaneous launch into major cooking appliances in August which will include 60cm underbench ovens and ceramic cooktops to compete in the profit-rich category with brands including its Korean compatriot and nemesis, LG.

In an exclusive interview with, Samsung product manager – whitegoods, Paul Lipscomb said the move into cooking products will focus on marketing Samsung’s world-first technology – Twin Convection.

This technology uses a divider, which when inserted horizontally into the centre of the 65-litre oven, creates two separate oven cavities which are 30-litres underneath and 32-litres above the divider.

“Our move into built-in appliances will not focus very much on ‘me too’ products. The flagship twin convection technology follows on from our twin cooling in refrigerators and twin chamber in vacuums.

“The key strategic focus will be on Twin Convection as no-one else has it and no-one else can offer it. It is trademarked and it is a world first,” Lipscomb said.

“Our sealing dividers fully seal the middle of the oven. Once inserted, the oven automatically senses that it has been divided and then splits it into two separate cooking sources. This technology allows the user to cook two different dishes, in two sections, with two different times with two different temperatures. There is no flavour transfer and food is cooked exactly the way that you want it. Users can cook a pizza with the grill on in one section and roast a chicken in the other.

“Once the divider has been taken out, the product automatically reverts back to a 65-litre oven,” Lipscomb said.

There will be two 60cm ovens which feature Twin Convection technology – a premium model with digital touch sensor controls and a standard model with red LED backlit display.

There will be three other 60cm models with 65-litre capacity with steam cleaning and catalytic liners but without the Twin Convection technology.

Other features of the range include pop-out dials, telescopic racks, a soft lightweight door system, halogen lighting and triple glass doors for safety.

There are four ceramic cooktops in the range available in two styles – beveled or stainless steel trim. There are two ceramic cooktops available in each style – one with four single burners and a second model which feature two single burners, an oval-shaped burner and a double burner configuration. All four models feature touch sensor controls and residual heat indicators.

Although rangehoods will not be included in the range to be launched in August, models from an OEM supplier such as Robinhood will be sourced to complement the range.

“When consumers are looking to renovate or are looking to buy a new home, they are looking to buy a fridge, an oven, a cooktop, a rangehood and a dishwasher. We will soon be able to deliver a complete kitchen solution,” Lipscomb said.