For SMBs.

Canon has launched new Managed Document Services (MDS) it claims will boost business productivity by streamlining and optimising print and document environments. Previously only available to large enterprises, Canon is now offering packages for businesses of any size with MDS said to reduce print and staff costs, increase document security and shrink the carbon footprint.

According to research firm, IDC, businesses that implement MDS will reduce their printing costs by up to 30%.

“Cost is a top business concern for 43% of businesses,” IDC research director, Adam Dodds said, “notably two times higher than the second ranked issue of emerging new business models”. He said print is often overlooked with 59% of small businesses not having the company directive to reduce print based costs as part of their cost reduction agenda.”

All Canon MDS offerings are delivered with uniFlow document management software that enables more flexible and faster printing while protecting sensitive and commercial business information.  Business can audit print and scanned content as well as access and monitor printed reports.

“MDS helps clients identify ways to consolidate the number of devices, reduce usage and minimise waste.  From monthly print insight reports, user training based on specific needs and a dedicated client service manager, Canon can help business improve their print efficiency,” Dodds said.