Camera House joined Narta in a strategic move to strengthen and create new opportunities in the camera and photographic market.

Narta CEO, Michael Jackson and Raleru (parent company of Camera House) general manager, Paul Rogers are excited about the opportunities this will create for its members.

The camera and photographic market have been under pressure for a number of years. The mobile phone becoming the main device for capturing memories has led to large volume declines for camera retailers. Despite the market Narta and Camera House have remained strong and see real opportunities to further strengthen their position. A united approach working closely with suppliers will deliver volume and sustainability.

Raleru joining Narta will allow a united approach to deliver consumers a truly memorable customer experience and deliver real value. With eighty more retail camera stores in the fold, the opportunity expands exponentially to highlight the practical benefits of owning a real camera v just seeing specs online. Real life benefits and usage comes to life at store level, and when this message is delivered by highly trained enthusiastic staff in collaboration with world class suppliers. Our collective scale will also ensure the ability to deliver new product and brand opportunities and sustain the future of camera retail in Australia.

Michael Jackson said, “The camera market is far from dead, however, boring retail is fast becoming irrelevant. A true enthusiast wants a true experience. Individually we can and will quickly become isolated and irrelevant. Combined we can deliver valued products and an exciting consumer experience. Key will be our ability to work closely together with retailers and suppliers whilst ensuring Narta provides operational efficiencies through its vast services we have built over the years such as procurement, data, marketing etc.

“I am excited about Raleru and Camera House joining Narta and their mindset that the specialist’s survival will not be achieved through a mediocre customer experience and uninspiring merchandise. We are home to the leading camera retailers in this country and together with suppliers we are excited about what is ahead.”

Paul Rogers commented, “Raleru, as the leading group of independent specialist camera retailers in Australia, is delighted to be joining Narta. It’s a resounding gesture of support from our board and members and is an indicator of the commitment levels around the group. And as an industry veteran since 1999, I am excited personally for what it says about future of the Australian camera industry.”

As the leader of the business, Rogers offered assurances to suppliers: “We are committed to establishing a new level of meaningful relationships with our suppliers and are entirely confident that our strategic decision is shrewd one. This is a genuine gesture of a united commitment to an industry we love and will enhance our ability to act in a more united fashion with our supplier partners in the achievement of shared objectives and enhanced customer experience.”

Rogers further elaborated, “As a group, we have recognised that we need to be delivering increased relevance to our customers, be visionary enough to look to the future, looking to new methods of doing business, optimising our efficiencies along the way and united in our direction.”