Care for widescreen high definition movies in your bedroom? Thinking of converting the spare room into your home’s gaming HQ? Looking to upgrade your setup for the summer sports season? Sony Australia today announces the ultimate line-up of home theatre projectors, suitable for a range of home entertainment applications, anywhere in the house.

The new line includes the Sony VPLBW7, BRAVIA VPLHW15 and BRAVIA VPLVW85 projectors, all available from November 2009. Each projector in the range is designed to give users the flexibility of a home theatre experience in a range of setups around the house. The new collection also dispels the myth that projectors at home are complicated to setup, with easy to use features giving the ideal home theatre experience with a few simple steps.

The VPLBW7 gives home entertainment enthusiasts a new option at the entry level of the market, without compromising on image reproduction and brightness. The HD ready VPLBW7 has been designed to be placed anywhere in the home and can be easily set up and connected to a PC, laptop, gaming console or Blu-ray player for a truly immersive experience.

The high brightness and compact size of the VPLBW7 make the projector ideal for screening movies, games, sport and more in any space, regardless of lighting conditions. The unit is easy to move from bedroom to lounge room and anywhere else, without requiring a complicated setup procedure every time it is moved. Auto Keystone Correction allows the projector to be placed in different locations around the home without distorting the image, bringing home entertainment to any room at a moment’s notice.

“The VPLBW7 is heaven sent for apartment dwellers who may not have the long throw distances required for traditional projectors. The portability and ease of use of this new projector marks a new standard at the entry level of the market,” said Vincent Bautista, Product Manager for Compact and BRAVIA Home Cinema Projectors, Sony Australia. “Gamers and entertainment enthusiasts will be attracted by the affordable price point of the VPLBW7, but the vibrant colours and exceptional image quality of this projector will win over everyone in the family.”

For those who are after a truly cinematic experience, the BRAVIA VPLHW15 brings a new level of crystal clear home cinema image quality for movie buffs and home entertainment lovers. The new model’s attractive design, Full HD capability and affordable price point make it ideal for a true in-home cinematic experience.

Full HD resolution is just the start of the experience for owners of the VPLHW15 – thanks to SXRD™ technology, this new projector actively minimises the space between pixels for smooth and dot-less visuals across the entire image, regardless of the surface on which the VPLHW15 is projecting. Additionally, by mimicking the human eye, this model responds dynamically to the level of light in each scene and automatically selects the optimum contrast to ensure viewers aren’t caught squinting at an image on screen.

“Sony has always been committed to delivering HD quality for home cinema and the VPLHW15 is the latest addition to the range that brings breathtaking images to your lounge room or home theatre,” said Mr Bautista. “Most importantly, the affordable price of the VPLHW15 brings to life many people’s dream of a fully immersive home theatre that doesn’t break the bank.”

Consumers looking to upgrade to the ultimate in cutting edge home theatre technology should consider the new BRAVIA VPLVW85 SXRD™ Full HD projector. Entering the market at the premium end, this new unit offers fine-grained 1080p picture quality coupled with a great stylish look and feel, that have made it an award winner, picking up the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) award for Best Product 2009-2010 in the Video Projector category.

“The VPLVW85 gives consumers looking for the very best in home theatre exactly what they’ve been after. This projector delivers on the promise of a true cinematic experience for AV enthusiasts who are looking to give their home and family the best home theatre experience possible,” said Mr. Bautista.

Fluid, natural movement on screen is the core reason for the superior picture quality produced by the VPLVW85. Sony’s High Frame Technology 3SXRD panel means that no on screen movement, no matter how fast, interrupts the quality of the projected image. The VPLVW85 especially excels in cinema mode, when films can be viewed as close to the screen as required. This is ideal for home theatre setups or medium sized living rooms where the reproduction of details such as natural skin tone, lighting, colour and contrast, will draw viewers into the action and create a home cinema experience unachievable without these key technologies.

User friendly features also abound with the VPLVW85, including control of multiple devices from a single remote through the BRAVIA Sync feature. The One Touch Play feature lets users insert a disc into the player, press “play” on the projector’s remote and have the whole theatre system, including the projector, power up automatically and play the disc. In the same way, the entire system shuts down at the touch of a button when viewing is complete.

Maintenance of home theatre projectors can also be tricky, but the VPLVW85 addresses this with a built-in motorised cover that automatically opens when the power is turned on and closes again at power-down, minimising the presence of dust particles on the lens and keeping it in optimum conditions for longer.

The Sony VPLBW7 (SRP $1,795 inc GST), BRAVIA VPLHW15 (SRP $4,299 inc GST) and BRAVIA VPLVW85 (SRP $8,999 inc GST) home theatre projectors will be available from November 2009.