By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Westinghouse has introduced a new range of compact fridges to cater for the shrinking Australian household, which range from 230 to 340 litres.

The six model range comes in widths from 542mm to 598mm. Models start at RRP $669 and go up to RRP $1009. All six models are available in a ‘classic white’ or ‘pacific silver’ finish.

Westinghouse cited the influx of people into smaller inner-city apartments, reduced family size and an increase in one and two-person households as reasons behind the new range. ABS statistics found average household size shrank from 3.6 people per household in 1954 down to 2.6 in 2001 and a projection of between 2.2 and 2.3 people per household in 2026.

“The kitchen has always been the hub of any home, so as more Australians opt for modern apartment living and the older generation continue downsizing from the large family home, it’s important to have appliances that reflect the needs of the household like fully flexible fridge interiors that put you in control of your fridge layout,” said Electrolux Group marketing director, Nicholas Gibson.

“In an inner city apartment where occupants don’t often have the luxury of a bar fridge in addition to their kitchen fridge, it’s great to be able to have the flexibility to move shelves around to fit a case of beer, extra tall bottles, a seafood platter or a nice big summer watermelon,” he said.