By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Consumer electronics supplier Laser has released what they claim is the most accurate GPS in Australia.

Using council map data from around the country, Laser claims the 3.5-inch Navig8r M35, due late this month, lists the number and outline of every plot of land in the country, and as a result, is guaranteed to “to put users on the driveway of their destination every time”.

Laser said that detail extended to rural areas as well as cities, meaning total map data came to four gigabytes; approximately four times that of many of the M35’s rivals, the company claimed.

Adding to the localised angle, the M35 is among the first in Australia to offer an ‘Australianised’ text-to-speech function, designed to help pronounce Aboriginal place names with an Australian accent.

Users can also choose between Australian map ‘skins’, such as the UBD and Ausway.

“As an Australian owned company, we took very seriously the usability problems faced by adapting overseas designed GPS to the Australian environment, which is what most GPS in circulation do.

“So we listened to our customers, and went out and did our own research and development to create our own uniquely Australian product, with software developed in Australia, specifically for our Australian customers,” said Laser managing director, Chris Lau.

“Because of the unique nature of our M35, which accurately shows the number and outline of every land plot in Australia – based on actual council land data – we can be sure that our GPS is the most accurate in both cities, and remote rural country areas, in every state of Australia. We guarantee to put users on the driveway of their destination every time, a particularly efficient feature for professional drivers.”

As with most other major GPS devices on the market, the M35 also includes a trip statistics page and the ability to add points of interest.

Regular and “cost effective” map updates will be available online, Laser said.

The M35 will retail for a recommended $249.