By Patrick Avenell

In a marketing strategy designed to both sell phones and take commuters to work, LG has begun ferrying passengers on its Big Bus. The bus, which is now owned by LG, is currently touring Sydney, with Melbourne and Brisbane to follow.

On the outside, the LG Big Bus is painted black, with company signage and a large picture of Chris Noth, Sex and the City’s Mr Big, for whom the bus is name. The inside is replete with 20 lounge-style chairs, two Scarlet series flat panels, an LG Artcool air conditioner and over 50 mobile phone handsets for passengers to play with.

Hosting the bus tour are representatives of LG that have been trained in how to use each of the phones. They are further charged with drumming up interest in the bus, and were seen doing this this morning outside Wynyard train station.

The route for today’s morning peak hour took in Central Station, Sydney Town Hall and Circular Quay, though this is just a snapshot of its coverage. Other destinations that will be covered during the promotion include Bondi Junction, Oxford Street, Martin Place and Anzac Parade.

As impressive and expensive as this marketing exercise is, LG do not own the roads. From the window of the Big Bus this morning, passengers could clearly see Research in Motion’s Blackberry Bold Hummer, which is also touring Sydney promoting mobile communication.

Sydneysiders can check out the LG Big Bus this afternoon between 4pm and 7pm, as it runs from the CBD down Oxford Street to Bondi Junction.