By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Electrolux Asia Pacific design director, Lars Erikson, has announced he aims to reduce complexity in whitegoods control systems to the point where they can match a CD player for ease of use.

Speaking to at DesignEX yesterday, Erikson said while Electrolux’s whitegoods controls were still easy to use, he wished to simplify them further.

“I’m looking a lot to try and simplify the interfaces. I think this is too busy now – we want a simple life, we want a simple way of using our products,” he said.

“At the moment, you have to program in all the details about start time, temperature, program etc. It’s like an old record player, where you had to choose between 45 and 33 and a third RPM. I want to make it CD player-style, where you just put the CD in and press play.”

He said while having control of settings was good for the skilled cook, his ultimate goal was to have a product where, in an oven for example, the customer could just put food in and press ‘Cook’.