By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: After’s story yesterday regarding CEDIA’s push for early registration, expo manager Lauren Tuckwell contacted us to clarify the exact nature of this year’s open day. Rather than being a day for the general public, the open day Wednesday (15 July) is more about professionals on the cusp of the installation industry.

“We are trying to avoid using the word ‘public day’ for the open day,” sad Tuckwell. “I can totally understand that it is interpreted as a public day, as it is a bit of a grey area.

“To clarify who the target audience is for the open day, we refer to it as a day for industry partners and technology purists.”

Tuckwell further said that the intended target market for open day is builders, developers, architects and designers. Furthermore, individuals currently in the building, renovation or development of their home are invited.

The one major restriction placed on CEDIA attendees is the 16-years age minimum. This year’s expo runs from 15-17 July at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.