By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: ‘Bagged is better’ is the message from Sebo, which launched its premium bagged vacuum cleaners into the Australian market with some of the range’s points of difference being high standards of electrostatic filtration and a sealable triple layer bag.

Sebo are newcomers to the Australian consumer floorcare market. Sebo, short for “Semigewerbliche Bodenpflege”, will offer Australian consumer’s a range of German-made upright and barrel vacuum cleaners which will see the brand competing with other premium floorcare manufacturers.

Sebo Australia product manager, Kristine Collins said that her company’s new vacuum range, including the Sebo Automatic X4 and the Sebo Airbelt C3.1 Premium, will stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons.

“Most vacuum companies with high filtration are actually quoting a specification made by the manufacturer of the filter,” Collins stated.

“Their claims do not take into consideration that air can escape the machine through leaks in the machine or exterior bags. SEBO vacuums are tested as a whole; where the vacuum cleaner and filter are tested complete. This means the standard of filtration is true to its claims when in use and not just at the time of filter manufacture.”

The new Sebo range also incorporates an electrostatic filter.

“Unlike standard HEPA filtration systems that may clog, the SEBO S-Class filtration takes place by using the principle of electrostatics,” Colins explained. “The ‘S’ stands for Schwebstoff-Filter, which has to absorb 99.97 per cent of particles in the size range 0.3 to 0.5 micron. This means it frees your carpet of harmful allergy causing bacteria and fungi bound to the carpet fibres.

“The filter fibres have a static charge, which attracts particles to them – in the same way as your television screen. The electrostatic material has a relative open texture which lets air flow easily yet traps dust particles. The result is excellent suction and a much smoother and long-lasting filtration.”

According to Collins, the triple layer sealable bag complements the filtration system.

“The sealable triple layer paper bag is one step of the S-class filtration system. Sebo vacuums have a convenient hygiene lid to seal the bag after it is full so you don’t have to touch or breathe in any nasties. Unlike bagless machines where you empty the containers and expose the dust and allergens into the atmosphere, with Sebo’s sealable hygiene lid no dust escapes.”

While new to the Australian domestic market, Sebo has a long tradition in the commercial market.

“Entering the residential market was a tough decision,” said Sebo Australia product manager, Kristine Collins.

“Our background is in the commercial market, with Sebo being a leading supplier in that regard, and we now have a big task at hand to start again with brand awareness and consumer education.”

According to Collins, bagless machines are not recommended for use in the commercial market due of OHS issues, so accordingly, Sebo’s debut range will feature all bagged vacuums, with the brand placing a large focus on keeping air free of allergens as well as hygienically disposing of dust.

“Consumers should be aware of the respiratory dangers of unhygienic dirt disposal. Unlike bagless vacuum cleaners, Sebo uprights collect the harmful bacteria, fungi and other allergy-causing agents into a dust tight three-layer disposable paper bag with sealable lid, so that the operator does not need to touch or breathe in what has just been picked up.”

The October issue of Appliance Retailer magazine incorrectly listed Sebo’s vacuum cleaners as bagless — we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Sebo Australia is currently looking for retail stores nationwide to stock its domestic range of vacuum cleaners and accessories.