By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Philips sent a message that it is well and truly in the computer monitor market with the launch of its latest generation of LCD monitors available in a comprehensive range of models and sizes in both business and consumer lines.

The monitor range includes eight wide screen monitors. Philips’ new 8-series range comprises three consumer monitors in a 19 inch size as well as 19 and 22 inch widescreen models. There are nine monitors in the new business range with 17 and 19 inch models as well as 19, 20, 22, and 24 inch widescreen models.

Philips is also bringing out a range of accessories including keyboards, mice and web cameras as well as the VOIP841 handset, which is a dual DECT and VOIP cordless phone that allows Skype phone calls without a PC.

The new line of monitors includes a range of technological innovations exclusive to Philips, such as SmartResponse, SmartContrast, SmartImage, and PerfecTune. Combinations of these features are available on various models in the range. Other enhanced features on various models include Dual Input, Dual DVI input, HDMI ready, HDCP ready and fast response times.

SmartResponse is an exclusive Philips technology that adjusts the response time to the application requirements, delivering faster times for gaming and videos or better colour saturation for viewing photos and static images.

SmartContrast dynamically analyses the content and automatically optimises an LCD monitor’s contrast ratio for maximum visual clarity and viewing enjoyment, stepping up from backlighting for clearer, crisper and brighter images on dark backgrounds. SmartContrast monitors can deliver a contrast ratio of up to 3000:1 — the highest currently available.

SmartImage provides a preset profile that optimises display for different types of content, dynamically adjusting brightness, contrast, colour and sharpness in real time, depending on the content that is being displayed on the monitor.

PerfecTune is Philips’ proprietary testing and algorithm technology that ensures laboratory-quality display performance in every singe Philips monitor – not just test samples.

The VoIP841 cordless handset (RRP $299.95) allows users to make and receive free Skype-to-Skype calls and SkypeOut calls to traditional landlines, without a PC and via their broadband internet connection through an Ethernet cable connected to the phone’s base. The VoIP841 also features a colour screen that displays users list of Skype contacts.

The new Philips monitor range will be available from select retail outlets from late October 2007 and the VoIP841phone will be available from November.