BSH has revealed a new brand, Solitaire ‘The Waterbase’, on its stand at IFA in Berlin, offering an integrated sink solution designed to transform the traditional kitchen workspace into an area that seamlessly integrates into the living space.

The Solitaire Waterbase has an integrated tap that offers six types of water including filtered water at room temperature, chilled filter water, medium sparkling water, classic sparkling water, hot water for tea (80°C) and boiling water (100°C), at an instant.

The Infinity Cover is a movable plate that makes the sink invisible when not in use. At the touch of a button on the command centre, the plate moves down to allow room to use the tap to wash fresh food or crockery.

Kitchen accessories such as dishwashing liquid can be stored in the integrated cupboard under the sink and wet sponges can be placed in a drying compartment drawer.

The Waterbase can be controlled via the Home Connect app.

Jörg Sukale from BSH was involved in the product development of the Solitaire Waterbase. Watch his product demonstration here: