Sold by Sampford IXL.

BSH Home Appliances has activated an in-home repair action in Australia for four Neff dishwashers manufactured between 2004 and 2005. These models were sold in the Australian market place by previous distributor Sampford IXL between 2005 and 2006. A total of 135 affected dishwashers were sold in Australia.

The following four models are affected by the repair action: S44M55N0EU/35; S44M55N0EU/56; S44E33N1EU/35 and S44E33N1EU/49.

Neff recall

Authorised and trained repair agents will visit the homes of consumers with an affected model dishwasher to replace the relevant component. BSH expects that a repair can be arranged within 7 working days. The replacement of the relevant component is a simple procedure which will take approximately 45-minutes.

A statement supplied to Appliance Retailer from BSH read: “Reflecting its commitment to safety and quality, BSH Group’s global quality and control processes have identified that some affected model dishwashers may potentially develop cracks in the printed circuit board within the control module. Depending upon individual operating circumstances, these cracks could potentially lead to melting of soldering material or, in an unlikely event, ignition of a fire in the dishwasher.”

BSH recommends that consumers with an affected model cease using their dishwasher immediately and switch it off at the socket outlet. If in doubt, consumers should contact BSH on 1300 087 033.

To help consumers identify whether they own an affected dishwasher, and to arrange a free in-home repair, BSH has set up a dedicated, toll-free hotline at 1300 087 033, and a website at

The call centre is open 24 hours a day between 7am Monday to midnight Friday.