Mobile phone distributor, Brightstar has undertaken a comprehensive rebrand to showcase its transformation to a complete technology protection and support provider.

Under the new name, Likewize, the company is committed to resolving any issue with any device by providing a solution whether it is lost, stolen, damaged, malfunctioning, in need of an upgrade or if the user does not know how to do something.

Likewize CEO, Rod Millar said the company was founded to identity ways of giving people easy access to technology.

“Since then, we have continually expanded our capabilities to solve the evolving problems of the technology industry. Over the past decade, we have undergone a fundamental transformation journey from a distributor to a tech protection and support company,” he said.

“Due to the company changing fundamentally, we knew it was necessary to change the brand to accurately reflect this profound shift. Likewize offers a much stronger sense of our identity and what we want to accomplish.”

The rebrand follows an investment of over $1 billion in industry-leading systems and services, including the acquisitions of LucidCX and WeFix, which added premium tech support and mobile repair capabilities to the service portfolio.

Now Likewize offers device protection; come to you, walk-in and mail-in repairs; premium tech support, and tech renewal via trade in, recycle and logistics.

Likewize is a trusted partner to major carriers, retailers and device manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand.

Over recent years, as the importance of technology has grown, so too has the importance of keeping people connected, and according to Likewize managing director for Oceania, Andrew Hage, this is the singular focus of the company.

“But we got to the point where we were misunderstood — many people did not realise the value we bring, why we exist, the breadth of what we do, or the advanced technology we are using to enable us to be uniquely better than anyone else. Perception of us lagged behind reality, and we recognised the need to make people reassess who we are and what we do.”