Acknowledges mentors.

Breville design and innovation director, Richard Hoare (pictured below), has been recognised for his contribution to industrial design at an event in Sydney last week.

The event, held at Breville’s head office, coincided with Hoare receiving the Indesign Luminary award in front of over 80 past and present co-workers, friends and family.

Richard Hoare

In his speech, Hoare said the secret to his success was to “be curious, listen and work hard.”

Hoare acknowledged his mentors, including Emila Glem managing director, David Gilmore, who convinced Hoare to become an industrial designer, his first boss Ian Wilson from Sunbeam as well as two former Breville CEOs, Joe Hersch and Jack Lord.

“Joe Hersch brought me over to Breville to get international growth through our product development and [he] stuck by design through a lot of difficult times in the company.

“I worked with Jack Lord at Sunbeam and Breville and he taught me about strategic thinking, being humble and being very objective.”

Jack Lord and David Gilmore

Jack Lord and David Gilmore

His long standing colleague and current boss, Global Brand Manager, Scott Brady, was recognised for joining him in their “quest and plans for world domination” and “to make Breville a great company”.

His former Sunbeam colleagues were also recognised including Ray Corkin, Nick Edmonds, Mike Melis, but the biggest tribute was left for his late friend Keith Hensell who died in January 2013.

“Keith and I were partners in crime for many years and we worked together at Sunbeam and we moved to Breville together and grew the design team here. Keith was an amazing guy and I learned so much from him, an incredible designer and I would have to say that this accolade deserves to be shared by him,” he said.

“Breville is an awesome place to work and we are on a bit of a mission and there is some exciting stuff going on here [at the moment]. To my team here – what a pleasure it is to work with you guys every day. We take our job very seriously but we have a lot of fun as well. Designing in this industry is fun, I guess the things that we design we get to use every day and we get to talk to our friends about them.

“I feel so lucky to have a career doing something that I love to do and I think anyone is lucky if they get to do that,” he concluded.