As retailers gear up for a busy pre-Mother’s Day selling period, Bosch is preparing to launch its newest range of bagless vacuum cleaners with an incentive for consumers.

The Runn’n ProSilence and ProEssential compact bagless vacuums join the other curiously-punctuated models in Bosch’s range, including the Relaxx’x All Floor Specialist and ProSilence, and the Zoo’o ProAnimal. The key selling point for the Runn’n models are their compact size — weighing in at 5.8 kilograms — which the brand says makes them ideal for smaller households.

To support the range, Bosch will launch a promotion tomorrow (1 March 2014) offering consumers a free $50 Adidas gift card with the purchase of both the BGS4SILAU and BGS4220AU Runn’n models. The promotion ties in neatly with the lead up to Mother’s Day and will run until 31 May 2014.

According to Jonathan Peart, Bosch category development manager for consumer products, the floorcare category has seen a number of shifts with consumers now demanding convenience, efficiency and allergy-friendly features in their cleaning appliances:

As consumer demand for convenience grows, we are seeing new innovations such as self-cleaning filters, turbo heads and hard floor tools being introduced into the bagless category. Following suit from the Europeans, the Australian market is focusing greater attention on developing resource efficient technologies.

There is also a strong market for bagged models, which offer convenience of use, particularly for people suffering from allergies and those living in apartments, where it’s more convenient to dispose of a dust bag. Bagged models are also preferable for elderly people as they are light and easy to manoeuvre.

In addition, there is a growing demand for vacuum cleaners that cater for pet owners — this market is huge in Australia.

Although the bagless category remains the primary vacuum cleaner for households, we’re seeing considerable growth in the cordless category. These secondary household vacuums, such as handsticks and robots, offer added convenience because they’re extremely compact and easy to maintain.

Bosch Runn'n ProSilence Bagless Vacuum BGS4SILAU
The Bosch Runn’n ProSilence Bagless Vacuum.