Bosch has been awarded Australia’s Most Trusted Brand 2021 winner for laundry appliances, as voted by Australians, announced in Australian Reader’s Digest magazine.

“We are pleased to have received recognition for trust that the Bosch brand has built with Australian consumers,” Brand manager, Sara Bauranov told Appliance Retailer.  “The Bosch values of ‘invented for life’ has ensured all our appliances are built to the highest standard and are reliable and intuitive for the consumer.”

The magazine engaged an independent market research agency to conduct a stand-alone survey of a representative sample of more than 3,000 Australians.  The results, across 72 categories, appear exclusively in the magazine’s latest issue.

According to Bosch its laundry appliances are designed to make life easier. The front loader washing machine range features programs that look after bulky loads and delicate fabrics. Washing machines with the iDOS auto-dosing technology have an automatic program that senses the degree of soiling, load volume, fabric type and water hardness to dispense the precise amount of liquid detergent needed so clothes are washed efficiently as the right amount of liquid detergent and water is used.

Bosch heat pump dryers offer an energy efficiency of up to nine stars. This is achieved as heat is reused efficiently during the entire drying process and the enhanced insulation regulates noise levels making them very quiet.