With online registration.

Bora offers a two-year warranty on all products as standard. Effective immediately, the company is extending this warranty by a further year for all end customers who register online with their Bora system (registration code) and personal details.

In a statement supplied to Appliance Retailer, Bora said, “The additional year’s warranty is free of charge and offers end customers the same services and goodwill they have come to expect from Bora. In the event of servicing requirements, Bora is also able to assist customers more quickly as we already have their personal and product details.”

On Bora Professional and Bora Classic products, a sticker printed with a registration code can be found on the cooktop extractor. On Bora Basic products, this can be found on the cooktop. The registration code is also printed on the label found on the operating instructions. The stickers on the appliances must not be removed during installation.

By following the link printed on their sticker, customers will gain direct access to the click path for registration. After entering the registration code, customers will receive an e-mail confirming their registration – and therefore the extended warranty.