Danish household and kitchen accessories manufacturer, Bodum faced a raft of new challenges – and new opportunities – when the pandemic hit.

Bodum had a strong network of retailers, but with the shift to online shopping, there was a surge in customers transacting through the Bodum website. This meant the company needed to quickly build a seamless online experience. 

“Sometimes people think that online is easy, but payment is something that is very sensitive to many customers. People expect simple checkout processes. One too many inconvenient clicks, or a payment that doesn’t work—and we’ve lost a sale,” Bodum e-commerce manager, Peter Bodum said.

Working with Stripe, Bodum created a sophisticated customer journey on both desktop and mobile. Integrating Stripe Elements, which helps businesses create the exact payment experience they want with just a few lines of code, Bodum was able to instantly accept credit cards and dynamically offer the preferred payment methods for its customers.

During the pandemic, Bodum was able to scale its direct-to-consumer online business to 23 countries in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. 

“Stripe helped us respond quickly to the complex challenges that the pandemic threw our way. 

We had to pivot our business to meet increased online demand and set our system up in less than a month. Thanks to Stripe, we have been able to launch in new countries, focus on enhancing our direct sales approach, and ramp up our sustainability efforts, without worrying about developer resources or system updates,” Bodum said.

“As the world re-opens, we are continuing our international expansion both online and offline, through traditional retail stores. Underpinning our approach is flexibility. Retail will continue to change around the world, and we need to be able to react quickly to the developing landscape, just as we did during the pandemic. Stripe enables us to be much more adaptive to the new world.”