By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Sony, makers of the PlayStation 3 (PS3), has responded to yesterday’s report that the Nintendo Wii was the fastest selling game console in Australia’s history.

Speaking to, Sony computer entertainment Australia communications manager, Adrian Christie, said the PS3 was tracking well and Sony was pleased with the console’s progress.

“We’ve [the PS3] just exceeded 300,000 units sold and $200 million in sales,” said Christie. “This figure does not include 65,000 units in business to business deals or the Bravia giveaway.”

For the PS3 to break the record currently held by the Wii, the console must break the 500,000 units sold figure before 25 October 2008. That equates to around 935 units per day for 214 days. Not that Sony is concerned with such records.

“We’re not looking to claim records in the short term — we want to provide a product to be around for 10 years,” said Christie.

Christie supports his long term strategy by comparing the PS3’s progress with the earlier PlayStation 2 (PS2) model.

“PS2 has now got over 2.4 million units in Australia and it’s still in retail: it’s eight years old,” said Christie. “We’re performing stronger in PS3 than PS2 [over the same period] – we’re really pleased with where we’re tracking”.

Sony’s strategy in Australia with the PlayStation 3 is about more than providing gaming solutions, with Christie citing the introduction of the in-built Blu-ray Disc player to homes as an example of how Sony can generate future profits through a long-term plan.

The belief at Sony that the PS3 can be a successful loss-leading product can be evidenced by the Bravia promotion Christie referred to earlier. Heretofore, Sony has given away over 25,000 PS3s with selected LCD televisions.