By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: LG Electronics Australia has recalled two models of dishwasher, recalled in 2005 under a different batch number, due to a potential solder joint issue that could lead to overheating and even fire.

The models in question, the LD-14AW2, LD-14AT2 (same as AW2 but a different colour) and LD-4050W, were manufactured between July 2003 and December 2003 and all have serial numbers commencing with numbers 307 to 312.

Customers who have purchased one of the machines should contact the Customer Information Line on 1800 506 154 to arrange an appointment. LG said their service representatives will visit the customer to replace the circuit board at no charge.

Prior to calling, customers are asked to record their model and serial numbers to provide to the phone operator.

Further information is also available at

LG recalled the same models in September 2005, for those products with serial numbers commencing 111 to 306. has been told to expect an official response to this issue before midday.

Any customer who contacted LG during the 2005 recall and received a repair will not need to take further action. Those who did not should do so now, LG said.