Bluesound has released a highly versatile network accessory, the Bluesound Professional Hub tailored to connect directly to a variety of audio sources.

The Hub’s compact design features four-way keyhole mounting slots, offering diverse orientation options and easy cable management. Optimising flexibility, Bluesound has engineered the Hub to connect analogue and digital audio devices, transcending the constraints of wires and physical proximity, facilitated by dual-band Wi-Fi or wired gigabit ethernet.  

The Hub accepts almost any audio input, including a HDMI eARC for TV sources, coax and optical digital, stereo analogue, and a moving magnet phono input for turntable connectivity, promising a wealth of options when integrating music sources into the BluOS network.

The Hub can simultaneously manage two sources—one analogue and one digital. A USB-C connection powers the Hub for efficient energy management. The BluOS app setup wizard lets users incorporate up to four Hubs into a single network. 

The Bluesound Professional Hub is now available for RRP $599.